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Thread: HTTP record timeout

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    Default HTTP record timeout


    Currently we are working on a webproject for livestreams where we want to use autorecord. A user sets up a start time. Then we load a job on linux at that time that is firing a HTTP record string:


    This works fine. But when the user does not broadcast to the application within 5 minutes. The autorecord listener stops listening to this stream. Is there a way to increase this timespan of 5 minutes? So when a user starts streaming at 10 minutes the stream still get's recorded?

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    I am not aware of such a recorder timeout parameter, but if you wish to record your incoming streams, why don;t you use the option to record your incoming streams, as described in the "How to find your way around Wowza Streaming Engine Manager" forum article.
    Please see the "Record all incoming streams" option.

    Of course, you can create a custom Wowza module that would start/stop a recording for a particular live stream programatically. Such a module is described in the "How to start and stop live stream recordings programmatically (IMediaStreamActionNotify3)" forum article.


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    This error often encountered and I'm having the same problem

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