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Thread: Unable to preview RTSP stream in Wowza 4 Stream Manager

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    Default Unable to preview RTSP stream in Wowza 4 Stream Manager

    I currently have around 50 namebrand (axis & sony) live IP cameras being ingested by RTSP into my Wowza 4 stream manager and they are properly pushing to my CDN. I am using the RTP Medicaster type.

    I recently attempted to add an offbrand IP camera to the same exact workflow using RTSP and are unable to view the stream in the stream previewer. It also does not show any bytes out to the CDN, despite having plenty of incoming data.

    The rtsp stream in question plays without any issue in VLC.

    Should I be using something other then the RTP media caster?
    Are their certain criteria for the RTSP to meet to be compatible for Wowza 4?
    Despite it playing fine in VLC, does using this url structuce prevent it from working with wowza? rtsp://ipaddresshere:2081/cam1/h264-1

    Thank you!

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    I would first suggest reviewing and trying the different properties provided in the IP Camera tutorial troubleshooting section.
    The first step you have partially taken, using VLC, you'll just need to verify the codecs used by the camera, and also try the properties.


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    It appears that everything is good regarding the stream codec.

    What else should I try?
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    I setup another Application and added the following below this line. I am still unable to see video in the test player. It does show data coming in and it says " is now published."

    Thank you for your feedback

    <!-- Properties defined here will override any properties defined in conf/MediaCasters.xml for any MediaCasters loaded by this applications -->


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    Hi Daren,

    I have same issue as noahsurfs but I am using different brand. Can you help us?

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