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Thread: Transcoder Addon missing with Developer License

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    Default Transcoder Addon missing with Developer License

    I just installed the Wowza server 4.1.1 (build 13180) with a developer License.
    However there seems to be no "Transcoder Addon" menu item in my Applications like there is in the trial/paid version.

    The tests I wish to perform are focused around using that feature.

    Has it been disabled for developers?

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    Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

    Are you running this developer license on a Mac? Transcoder is not supported on a Mac so there for wont show up.

    Other then that, the developer license should include the Transcoder with no additional setup or licensing.

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    Hi. It is installed on a windows Server 2012 machine.

    Full disclosure : When I installed it, it did not start up automatically since port 8088 was being used by a Jetty server so I changed the Wowza port to 9099 and then it started up no problem. (If that gives any clues)
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    Be sure you are trying to transcode a live stream as the Wowza Transcoder does not support VOD transcoding.

    If the Transcoder AddOn options does not show up for a live application, please restart Wowza and take a screen shot of the AddOn missing from the Engine Manager. Zip up your /conf, /logs and /transcoder folders and send them to to open a ticket.

    Please also refer to this thread as a reference.

    Kind regards,


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