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Thread: Listening to Multicast stream

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    Default Listening to Multicast stream


    I have two interfaces on the server which is running Wowza. Interface1 - 192.168.32.xx is the host server IP (This is also the Default streaming IP under default vhost setting) to which an RTMP stream is pushed from Teradek.
    Interface2 - 192.168.172.xx carries the multicast stream ( This connection to Interface 2 is coming from a Video IP switch.

    I have done all the settings as mentioned below but still I am unable to see this multicast stream under incoming streams tab.

    <!-- <MulticastBindToAddress>true</MulticastBindToAddress> -->
    <!-- <MulticastInterfaceAddress></MulticastInterfaceAddress> -->

    If this does not solve the problem, then you might need to add the following property to the RTP/Properties in [install-dir]/conf/[application]/Application.xml (be sure to get the correct <Properties> container - there are several in Application.xml):


    In the above code I have changed the address-of-network-interface to 192.168.172.xx

    I can confirm that there is multicast stream present on this interface2 as I can play it on VLC.

    Any thoughts on how to get this sorted and see this multicast stream will be really appreciated.

    I then need to present this multicast stream on a public URL.


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    Can you please open a support ticket by sending an email to and describe the issue you are encountering. Also make sure to attach a copy of the following folders as a .zip (or other archive):

    We would like to take closer look at your configuration and log files and try to understand what could be the reason for this behavior.
    Make sure to add a reference to this forum post in your ticket.


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