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Thread: How to check if stream is available in the liverepeater edge

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    Default How to check if stream is available in the liverepeater edge

    In liverepeater origin/edge scenario only origin knows if stream is available (is being published). Edge tries to reconnect continuously and player doesn't get that error message (doesn't receive any event). At least Flash (RTMP) and HLS behave like that.
    That agrees with:
    I tried both, on-demand and persistent, modes.

    Is there a way to notify player that the live stream isn't available when player connects to the edge?

    I'm thinking about creating a HTTPProvider endpoint on the origin, and let player ask it, but an edge can be connected to one ore more origins that the player might not have the knowledge of (and it shouldn't have).
    Maybe disabling edge's reconnection? Are there any disadvantages in that approach?

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    A way that allows you to move this to the edge would be to use PushPublishing on the Origin which pushes the stream to the edge(s) when it's actively published on the origin.
    If the stream isn't active on the edge in this scenario it will be because the stream is not being published on the origin.

    This approach may help simplify things for providing messages to the player as it can be done on the edge rather than the origin which means multiple origins will then not be an issue.


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    OK, it works!

    Let's get into details.
    Liverepeater origin/edge scenario provides backup (secondary) origin URL when primary origin isn't available (<Repeater>/<OriginURL>s separated by pipe ("|") sign).
    Can we archive similar behavior with Push Publishing?
    Maybe publishing to the same edge/application/streamName? (what happens then?) or two origins publishing to the same edge/application but different streamNames and SMIL playlist on the edge?

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