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Thread: RTMP Push Publishing to Edgecast - Please Help

  1. Default RTMP Push Publishing to Edgecast - Please Help


    We are trying to do a RTMP push to Edgecast from our Wowza server.

    We have configured the Push Publishing Module as we have seen throughout the forums, have all the right entries in our PushPublishMap.txt file, and have read through several dozen threads on this. I have seen several people have said they have got this to work, but there isn't a clear straight forward tutorial.

    Here is what I have:

    At Edgecast my RTMP Stream Path is: 20xxxx/bxxxx

    In our PushPublish.txt we have:
    INBOUNDWOWZASTREAMNAME={profile:"rtmp", host:"", application:"20xxxxx", streamName:"bxxxx?AUTHKEY", originalTimecodeThreshold:"0x100000"}

    We are not seeing any errors in our logs so it looks like we are connecting to Edgecast

    What we do see in our access information logs is:

    ModulePushPublish.startPublishSession[b*****/_definst_/INBOUNDWOWZASTREAMNAME]: profile:rtmp rtmp://

    But we are still unable to play the video stream via Edgecast CDN

    Anyone thoughts or step by step directions of what they did that actually works would be very very very helpful!

    Thank you

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    You can try to follow this Push Publishing Debug guide, it will provide both stream and packet level logging, and should point to what the main issue is.


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