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Thread: Need correct for syntax CIFS server <StorageDir>

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    Default Need correct for syntax CIFS server <StorageDir>

    We've recently moved from a NTFS to a CIFS server (structure?).

    Is the <StorageDir> syntax the same for CIFS content directories?

    Our previous NTFS setup was like \\server-name\content-path\

    Tried several variations of \\fully-qualified-server-name\sharename\folder\path with CIFS but no luck.

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    This should work as before. What I would do is see if you can see the path on the same machine Wowza Streaming Engine is running on. If you can it might be a permissions issue, ie. if running Wowza Streaming Engine as a service you may need to set it to log in as a user so it can see the share correctly.


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