Hello all,

We have a software that captures video frames from a video source and encodes the frames and saves to disk within a container. The software is gstreamer based and every process mentioned before is performed by using gstreamer elements. While encoding the video, I want to be able to send the encoded files over an another gstreamer element (ie. udpsink) to Wovza Media server.

Is there a C++ library that can handle sending the stream to Wovza Media Server? For example there could be a gstreamer based software that can get the encoded video from a local udpsrc (a gstreamer element) and can handle all the other stuff (problems throughout the network, buffering, queuing, protocol specific processings etc)

If there doesn't exist a library like mentioned above, could you please suggest me some information sources about how streaming to Wovza media server could be implemented using gstreamer elements, What problems could be faced when streaming to a Wovza media server?

Our software is working on a Ubuntu environment.

Could you please assist me to accomplish this task? For example, whether this technique is technically feasible or not?
Any help will be appreciated.