Hi there,

I want to usee Wowza origin-edge architecture to do adaptive bit rate live streaming. Currently I have one origin server, on which a Wowza transcoder is generating three streams with different bit rates. On the edge server, I created three stream files according to this article

As far as I know, in the Wowza origin-edge architecture, we can introduce primary and second origin URLS for failover. And the origin URLs can be easily added on Wowza Engine manager webpage. It looks like this

Primary Origin URL
Secondary Origin URL

I tried creating a second SMIL file containing streams from a redundant origin server and adding this second SMIL file to the origin URL. It doesn't work. My goal is that: when the origin server dies, the edge server can automatically switch to another SMIL file.

Could anyone teach me how to introduce the second origin server into this architecture?