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Thread: GoCoder on Android has limited resolution selection

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    Default GoCoder on Android has limited resolution selection


    We use GoCoder on iPhones for a while and it works quite fine. We are testing it under Android, and found the selection of resolution much more limited. We use LG-G2 and GoCoder offers 320x240 352x288 and 640x480. We usually use on our iPhones 480x360 resolution. Is there anything we can do to have the 480x360 resolution on the Android?


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    Thank you for participating in the Wowza Forums. Regarding your question about Android resolutions, there isn't a straightforward answer for your particular issue. This article states, "The available Video Size values will vary depending on device capabilities and network connection type". To bring some clarity, your issue is device dependent. The Wowza GoCoder app runs a "check" on the device in order to determine what video resolutions it can support, based on the hardware, Android OS version, and network bandwidth. With so many different Android devices with different versions of the Android OS out in the marketplace, we chose to perform this "device check" in order to ensure the best streaming source to send to your Wowza Streaming server.

    I would suggest testing this on additional Android devices in order to meet your streaming need of 480 x 360.


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    Hello Mac,

    I have checked on two other devices (Nexsus and Galaxy S3) and they both give only these 3 resolution. And the LG is a new device with an excellent camera so it can't be a device limitation.

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