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Thread: Objective/quantitative Measure of Video Quality

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    Default Objective/quantitative Measure of Video Quality

    trying to revisit this video quality issue.
    I have a webRTC application to create a video conference session. After I created the conference, I get the following stats from the endpoint (my laptop Chrome browser):

    Measurements Video
    Codec VP8
    Bit Rate (kbps) 762
    Current RTT (ms) 94
    Frame Rate Sent 30
    Nacks Received 0
    FIRs Received 19
    PLIs Received 0

    is there a formula/tool to compute the video quality in terms of an objective/quantative number to indicate the video is very good, acceptable or bad etc. ?
    Appreciate your input.

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    Wowza does not have a vendor that we can refer you to for this request. However, you could perform a web search for "Video Quality Metric (VQM) Software" and see the different options available.

    I hope this helps.


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    my grain of salt here
    Video Quality is a very arguable topic, as it's not only about info in the stream, it's also about the type of content. For a not moving head in a news show, the bitrate you'll need will be much lower than the one needed for a sport event, when you try to achieve similar perception quality.
    Even though, I use as thumb of rule the bits per pixel formula. For me, between 0.08 and 0.10 is good enough. To increase of 0.10, the bitrate you increase is much higher than quality jumps

    To calculate, First calculate how many pixels your video has per second:
    pixels per second = Width x Height x Frames per second

    Then, divide the bitrate of your video by the pixels per second to get the bits per pixel (bpp):

    Bits per pixel (bpp) = video bitrate / pixels per second

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