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Thread: Wowza Streaming Engine - restarted daily?

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    Default Wowza Streaming Engine - restarted daily?


    At the beginning of each daily error log created by Wowza I've found a message like this:
    #Version: 1.0
    #Start-Date: 2015-02-20 00:00:00 EST
    #Software: Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0.4 build11775
    #Date: 2015-02-20
    Does this mean that Wowza service was restarted at 00:00 or is this added to the log only because the log was created at that time?

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    Each day your server is running it is capturing log files. In your [install-dir]/logs directory, you will see an appended log file named wowzastreamingengine_access.log and the daily access logs that look like this: wowzastreamingengine_access.log.2015-02-20. So based on your example, you should notice a new file created each day with a start time of 00:00:00. This is by design. The same goes for the error log files as well. If you restart the server, it is entered into the log file for that day.


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    So this entry from the log doesn't mean that the service was restarted at that time, but only that the error log was created at the specified time.
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