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Thread: Live-repeater from Wowza 4 to Wowza 3

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    Default Live-repeater from Wowza 4 to Wowza 3


    I'm wondering if anyone has tried to get the live-repeater application working going from a Wowza 4 origin to a Wowza 3 edge? We are working with external clients who are still running Wowza 3 and we cannot upgrade to Wowza 4 if that will break our ability to stream to their Wowza 3 edge servers.


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    Hello there.

    In the past it was ill-advised to use different Wowza versions in an origin-edge configuration. And with the major changes from Wowza 3 to Wowza 4 it may be even more problematic. I can not say for sure it will not work, just that it would be better to have the same version through out.

    You may decide to get a trial license for Wowza 4 and do some testing before committing to the upgrade.

    Kind regards,


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