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Thread: NFS mount not responding after Wowza restart

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    Default NFS mount not responding after Wowza restart

    We are running WowzaStreamingEngine 4.0.4. on a Linux server and we are using a NFS mounted storage for logs, dvr feature and for other media files.
    Our current configuration require a daily restart for Wowza service, so we are running this command daily:
     /sbin/service WowzaStreamingEngine stop; /sbin/service WowzaStreamingEngine start;
    . Sometimes after this command runs mounted storage is not answering anymore and we have to reboot the server in order to fix.

    Did anyone else had similar issues?

    Thank you,

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    There is no reason why stopping/starting Wowza will cause a NFS mount to stop responding. You may need to check the performance of the NFS service as if Wowza has lots of files open and by stopping Wowza it has to close them all and puts a strain on the NFS server this may cause it to stop.

    There should also be no reason to stop/start Wowza daily.


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    Thank you for your answer.
    Is it possible somehow to stop "smoothly" Wowza service?

    One of the reasons for which we restart daily Wowza is to reload a smil playlist played by it. Is it possible to reload it without stopping Wowza?

    Thank you,

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    You could try running the Scheduler as an application based module instead of a listener. That way you can reload the schedule with just an application stop/start.
    The Schedule Streaming guide has a section relating to this kind of schedule reloading.
    It may, however, still have the same effect on NFS as before.


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