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Thread: Live streaming automatic recording w/ loop until live

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    Default Live streaming automatic recording w/ loop until live

    Hi All,

    Our Wowza system has been working beautifully over the past several months and it's starting to be used more and more by the college; however, I have one bottleneck that puts a small damper on the whole

    We have loop until live running on our site so the site doesn't always look dead when something isn't streaming; however, we've had to disable automatic recording on startup because of the loop because the system doesn't know the difference between live and loop. (All of a sudden, our storage is out of space because it's recording the loop.)

    Has anyone figured out a way to program the Wowza system to differentiate between loop and live so that it only recording live incoming streams and not the loop?

    Thank you for all the help!


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    Hi arappcsn,

    Have you tried looking at recording programmatically using the API? This may be a good route for you if you are using a scheduled pre-roll loop.


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    I've read over the entire document, and I'm a bit confused on how this will work for me. I understand that recording programmatically allows me to name/split/stop a live stream, but I'm assuming the system still doesn't know the difference between our loop until live stream and our actual live stream?

    Can you elaborate what you had in mind for this?

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    You would need to specify which stream names(s) it is you want to record. Or even specify what not to record, since it's programmatic.


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