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Thread: liverepeater not resending Metadata

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    Default liverepeater not resending Metadata

    I have an application of type "live" which I started with the Stream Manager and it's re-streaming a shoutcast stream. Any rtmp client connected to this application gets all the Artist and Song information just fine.

    I also have a liverepeater-edge application on another machine re-streaming the above application but the clients connected to this application don't get any metadata at all. They are able to play the stream though.

    Is there any way to enable the liverepeater application to re-send or let the onMetadata info pass thru it?

    Thanks in advance

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    Can you add this property to Streams/Properties property container in conf/[application]/Application.xml in both your origin and edge applications?


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    Hi Zoran, thank you for the reply.

    I added it on both applications but it didn't do anything.

    Is there any other way? We need to scale and receiving the tracks info across all servers is critical for us.

    Thank you

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    I guess this will be very useful to other people in the future. Is there any other way of achieving this?


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    It would be great if you could consider adding this as an option in future releases. Thanks

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    I too am suffering from this problem. Has anyone solved his behalf to be no.
    thank you

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