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    I would like to use Wowza VOD origin as a MediaCache source for VOD edge applications. I read all the guides and i know you suggest to use any http storage as a source.

    But as long as VOD origin can provide mp4 over http, it can be the source as well? I would like to use Wowza to control edges access to the files in storage and do some other custom job, so using VOD origin looks like an option for me.

    How can i achieve it, and is there any serious overhead / advantage / disadvantage?

    If its not possible, whats the purpose of VOD origin at all?

    Thanks, Alex.

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    Hi Alex.

    With MediaCache, the origin is a web server or a network share, not another Wowza server. In the Engine Manager there is "VOD" and "VOD edge" application types which use the same stream type. The only difference is one gets configured for MediaCache and the other does not.

    You can have many edges which can use the same storage location, but that storage location isn't another Wowza server it's just a place where the files are stored and nothing more.

    I hope this answers your question.



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    Hi Salvadore,

    does it mean that in the scenario where wowza server is recording live streams to a file, we will have to make this file available directly over http, or will have to copy it to the file storage server, before we can serve it with VOD edges?

    Is not it a bit inconsistent? We can record using wowza live origin app, we can immediately play it back using wowza vod origin app, but for vod edges we need to upload recently recorded file to the 3rd location?

    Thanks, Alex.

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    Media Cache is very flexible and extendable.
    It can retrieve content from HTTP-based servers that support HTTP/1.1 range requests, from network-attached file systems, and from cloud data storage services. So it can use a Wowza server as a content storage, but performance will be limited to the disk speed and capacity of the server running Wowza.

    Also, you can use this module to move the recordings to the storage location, once they are finished recording:
    How to move recordings from live streams (ModuleMediaWriterFileMover)



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