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Thread: Streaming to Android Devices! Best Method!

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    Default Streaming to Android Devices! Best Method!

    Hi There,

    Wondering if anyone happens to have any information regarding Android devices and the ones that support HLS, Flash and RTSP. Our network is configured to receive a request, poll the new WSE LB for least loaded edge then dynamically provide Embed Code/page which I have customers embedding in iFrames on their websites. We have some working and others not. How are we to know after we detect the requesting device which embed or streaming method we are going to return. All android = RTSP? Seems that doesn’t work…

    For example, The Samsung Galaxy S4 works on two streams that I have setup that are not adaptive…. But is not working with an adaptive stream that refers to a smil file. The S5 is not working on any of them. Perhaps it doesn’t support RTSP?

    What is the trick to stream Adaptively to Android devices that only support RTSP?

    Thanks in advance,


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    This article on the Current State of Android and Video, provides a good idea of where things are.
    It's already a year old, but newer devices, and OS versions, are likely improved some.

    You can't do any sort of Adaptive streaming with RTSP. For RTSP only devices you could provide links to low, medium and high bitrate stream, for instance.


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    Thanks Daren. I will check out that article! Never easy. If it was, it wouldn't be any fun! Tim

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