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Thread: How are Httpprovider and modules called. Do they use multithreading?

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    Default How are Httpprovider and modules called. Do they use multithreading?

    Hi there,

    I'm wondering how Httpproviders are invoked. Will the main thread run this httpprovider in the main thread, or create a new thread to run this provider?
    For example, I wrote an httpproivder named "say_hello". It's bind to port 1935 and the request filter is *greeting. If thousands of clients simultaneously send "http://wowza ip:1935/greeting" to my server, what will happen on the Wowza server end?


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    Hi Yorick,

    This was addressed by our CTO in a previous post.

    Here is a quote from his post:

    The server runs on a thread pool mechansism. There is a handler thread pool and transport thread pool. It is not a single thread per-connection. We use non-blocking IO in Java to handle the transport. We have multiple select handlers running on their own threads.

    So overall the server is highly multi-threaded. Everything is broken into small jobs and submitted to thread pools.

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