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Thread: ILiveStreamRecord: Corrupted recording files

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    Default ILiveStreamRecord: Corrupted recording files

    We're using ILiveStreamRecord to save encoder streams to disk. We're using Wowza Media Server 3.5.0 build 2989.

    Programmatically these are the options set:


    Appending to the existing file is turned on. Recording to an MP4 file.

    To keep file size manageable there's a timer that checks the recorded file size and stops the recording when the limit is reached by:


    If the user unpublishes/publishes again a little more is appended to the file before the timer kicks in and stops the recording again. Is there potential for corruption there?

    The recorder is also stopped in the onUnPublish event but perhaps it should be done in onStreamDestroy instead?

    The file is recorded from Wowza to a drive over the network using NFS. I have seen it thought that this could be the reason for corruption issues others have seen.

    Given this use case, can you give me any recommendations as to avoid the corrupted recordings we've been seeing? I can hunt through our logs to look for specific error messages when corruption has occurred. Has ILiveStreamRecord robustness been improved in later Wowza versions?

    Thank you!
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    There are a few variables you could remove to try and reduce it down to the simplest process. Try recording locally instead of NFS to rule out network corruption issues. Try doing a single recording with appending off and see if that is corrupt. Try stopping recording at onStreamDestroy to see if that makes a difference if you suspect so.

    Play one of the MP4 files through Wowza using the vod app and check the access logs for anything of interest. This will probably give us the best clue as to what may be wrong. You could also analyse the corrupt files using the ffmpeg tool ffprobe

    fprobe -show_streams your.mp4


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