I have found one document suggesting proper mappings to push RTMP to Edgecast.
To push to EdgeCast, use the rtmp profile. The rtmp profile is pre-configured to push to an RTMP CDN. When pushing to EdgeCast, the following account information is required:
Live Authentication Key

Following is an example entry to push the stream myStream to EdgeCast, assuming these credentials:
Host: fso.lax.0001.edgecastcdn.net
ApplicationID: 200001
StreamName: myStream
Live Authentication Key: 0123456

My question is: What determines the ApplicationID, above listed as 200001?

Example map entry:
myStream={profile:"rtmp", host:"fso.lax.0001.edgecastcdn.net", application:200001, streamName:"myStream?0123456", originalTimecodeThreshold:0x100000}

Here is my mapping for Single Bit Rate. Can someone help me determine what I need to change?

livestream.stream_360p={profile:"rtmp", host:"fso.lax.0001.edgecastcdn.net/Acct#", application:"default" streamName:"XXXXX-stream4?XKeyX&adbe-live-event=XXXXX", originalTimecodeThreshold:0x100000}

Also, if I were to send three bitrates, 480p and 720p, what would be changed in the above??