I've got a new Extron SMP351, which I've set up in Pull stream mode, doing Unicast RTP over UDP. (I cannot get the Push mode, which only does TS/UDP, TS/RTP and ES/RTP streams, to even get to the Wowza server)

Port Range is 50000-50199, MTU is 1500, RTSP port is 554 and RTSP over HTTP port is 8080

I can connect to this stream fine with Wowza, as I've set it up as a stream file. I'm able to view the stream in the default live application using the Test Players option.

I've tried to set up the Push Publish Module so that it will take my stream file and push it out to YouTube (or any other RTMP capture site, YouTube is just the easiest to test with at this time)
I've changed my logon to be 'advanced options' and added the module in under the module tab, i've set up the link to YouTube through the PushPublishMap file.

I've tried:
myStream={profile:"rtmp", streamName:"blaeven-8626.pd3e-v204-s8a1-de8j", host:"x.rtmp.youtube.com", application:"live2"}
myStream={profile:"rtmp", streamName:"blaeven-8626.pd3e-v204-s8a1-de8j", host:"y.rtmp.youtube.com", application:"live2?backup=1"}

and (because the name of my stream file is SMP351.stream):
SMP351.Stream={profile:"rtmp", streamName:"blaeven-8626.pd3e-v204-s8a1-de8j", host:"x.rtmp.youtube.com", application:"live2"}
SMP351.Stream={profile:"rtmp", streamName:"blaeven-8626.pd3e-v204-s8a1-de8j", host:"y.rtmp.youtube.com", application:"live2?backup=1"}

These are the details given to me by YouTube, but YouTube cannot see my stream.

I've also noticed that even though the incoming stream from the SMP351 is active, my server monitor is showing no action (though the 'Bytes In' field is sitting around the 2-3Mbits/s mark)
This changes (says there is one outgoing but still no incoming) to when I view the stream through the test players page.

Please help, I'm relatively new to the whole streaming world, and I've tried to find the answer here on the forums and on the Wowza help pages. But, ultimately, I've just been bashing my head against a wall for a few days, trying to get this sorted.