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Thread: Call WSDL webservice from wowza

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    Default Call WSDL webservice from wowza


    I need serious help with this matter, I have tried everything I could think of, and nowhere anything seems to be found

    I have a webservice and I wish it to be called once a stream finishes recording.

    I have exposed the internal functions, and when I test the webservice in a simple java program to test my SOAP connections it works, but when I try instantiating my proxy from a wowza module, it just gets stuck

    Please shed some light on my path.

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    I have addressed this in a support ticket 126151.


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    I fond the solution for it myself, and i don't really appreciate the things are operated around here
    you charge really high amount yet this short/useless reply I get t after making so much nose and on top of that after more than a month...

    seriously is there anyone to supervise and instruct?????

    and the answer was fairly easy, the proxy and external classes should be included in wowza lib directory, and they should be registered in OnStreamCreate.

    and this short answer is what your policy denies you from, seriously disappointing...

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    Thank you for the update on finding the solution and frank feedback. We take user feedback seriously and have escalated your comments. We regret this post was not answered in a more timely fashion. The Wowza team and our community try to answer every post. Wowza license holders with maintenance and support, as well as prospects with a trial license, are able to submit a Support request for product technical support. Users should contact us directly through if you need more follow up. I have also replied to you in ticket 126151.


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