Hello Experts,

I am new to this forum and i am more interest to use wowza streaming engine for my application. I just reading some tutorials. For quick catch up. I am here to ask some questions. Please give me some idea/feed back for improve myself and my applications

i am doing a application which is support for all smart tv and smartphones to play VOD, Live channels, FM and live streaming. Currently it is like POC, for that

1) can i generate unique streaming url for each client request(Depending on client_id with movie_id)?
2) I want switch quality according to client's internet bandwidth. i know RED5 doing this, but i could not find in wowza.
3) Can i get wowza source to build my own streaming engine?
4) I do not want to use multiple copy of movies for different quality.I will keep high quality movie and i should pass which quality i want(HD/SD) according to that server should convert it to respectively.

Please give me feedback or suggestions.

Thank you in advance