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Thread: Origin failover or on LVS

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    Default Origin failover or on LVS

    Hi all,
    i'm trying to configure a cluster of origin machines to have a failover solutions.
    At the moment i've been able to configure a linux-ha cluster and works quite well, even if the streaming must be restarted on the client side (e.g.:the android app).

    I'm trying now to configure a solution where machines are mirrored so that when the primary falls the secondary can restart from the current state, in my mind without service interruptions.
    I'm trying to use linux virtual server, but if anyone can give me suggestions, i would really appreciate.

    Also, since i am a new member, please suggest also the correct location for such kind of post.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Nello_ and welcome to the Wowza forum!

    Live streams published over TCP from an LVS would have to reconnect if the connection fails (TCP connection cannot fail over). It may be possible (at least less noticeable) if the stream playback is via HTTP, depending on how the encoder handles the reconnect.


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