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Thread: publish setting URL is not operate for every devices, only for my android phone.

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    Default publish setting URL is not operate for every devices, only for my android phone.

    How can I solve this problem??
    only my android phone work this function.

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    To clarify, you are able to publish the stream from GoCoder but only able to play the stream on Android?

    If this is the case, can you please tell us what URL's you are using for playback and on what devices?

    For Android a URL like this would be the URL:
    For iOS devices as well as some Android devices this URL would be the URL to use:
    I hope this is helpful.

    Kind regards,


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    Thanks Salvadore.
    But my question is transfering "setting". ^^
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    You can use the Email Wowza GoCoder Configuration to Me from the manager UI.
    If you have Wowza GoCoder, you can configure it automatically by sending the connection settings above to it in an email. Open the email on your phone or tablet and tap the enclosed link. The GoCoder app will launch with the settings that are in the email and connect to Wowza Streaming Engine. Note that an email application is required to run on your server having the Wowza Streaming Engine service running, so that the email with the GoCoder configuration can be sent.

    You can also use the Android device to brose to the Wowza Manager user interface, and navigate to your live application's incoming publishers section and click on the Wowza GoCoder icon. You will be presented with your server settings that can be used with your GoCoder app and also a button called "Auto-configure GoCoder for Android" that you can click and your GoCoder application will be started having the necessary settings already applied.

    I hope this helps.


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