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Thread: log4j custom category name

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    Default log4j custom category name


    There is a little but annoying problem with custom category names in log4j.

    My goal is to filter logger output to show only output from my modules.
    I have the following code:
    WMSLoggerFactory.getLoggerObj(appInst).info("my comment blah blah", "ether", "comment", 200, appInst.getApplication().getName()+"/"+appInst.getName());
    Then, in I write:
    But log4j not allows this, sending following to stderr:
    Log file configuration error: Invalid category name in CategoryInclude: ether
    At the moment, I use this workaround:
    But it not seems to be a good way.

    Can somebody tell me where to dig?

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    Hi heronman,

    Although you can add custom categories to the logs as needed, these categories are defined elsewhere. So when you invoke CategoryInclude, it checks against this pre-defined list.


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