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Thread: Wowza Streaming Engine 4 - Transcoding Using NVENC - Push Publishing Not Functioning

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    Default Wowza Streaming Engine 4 - Transcoding Using NVENC - Push Publishing Not Functioning

    Hello All,

    I have run into an issue while using a Tesla K80 with NVENC to transcode an incoming RTSP H.264 stream, then push said stream back out as an mpeg-ts stream for multi-cast playback ("PushPublishing"). When using the "default" Encode Implementation (software based transcoder) push publishing works and I am able to playback the multicast streams. When changing the Encode Implementation setting in Wowza to NVENC, the transcoded streams function properly, but the "pushpublish" function ceases to function. I have verified that with NVENC enabled, I can view the transcoded stream via VLC and the Wowza RTMP test player. There just seems to be a limitation on the "pushpublish" side which is preventing the add-on from ingesting the hardware-based transcoded stream.

    Here is a quick overview of my current configuration;
    H.264 RTSP Ingestion Stream -> Wowza Transcoder Resizes Stream to 576p (704x576) -> PushPublish creates MPEG-TS stream for multicast playback on the local network

    Example Ingestion Stream -> Saved as

    Example Transcoded Stream:

    Listed below is a sample of my "PushPublishMap.txt" file.
    myStream.stream_576p={profile:"mpegts", streamName:"myStreamMPEGTS", host:"", port:1234, rtpWrap:false}

    When using the "default" software based transcoding method this works without issue. When using hardware acceleration transcoding via NVENC, this configuration does not work. It is as if the PushPublish function does not see the stream all together when using NVENC for transcoding.

    Any assistance or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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    It looks like this will require some thorough diagnosis.
    Please provide/attach the following in an email to

    Zip-up the following folders:
    Make sure that logs have recorded the dates when the problem occurred.

    Best regards,

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    Hi Daren,

    I have emailed you two sets of log files. One from the running system utilizing the default software based transcoder implementation method. (i.e. With Push Publishing Functioning). The second set of logs being after I switched over the transcoding implementation method to NVENC. After switching over to NVENC, I can view the transcoded streams via VLC, but the multicast push publish streams do not seem to be running.

    If you need me to do any additional testing or configuration changes, please let me know. I am available all day today and tomorrow.


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    Hello All,

    Just an update on this post. The issue was resolved by completing the following;

    In Wowza Streaming Engine Manager you will need to navigate to "Server > Virtual Host Setup > Properties > Custom (in the quick links or at the bottom) > Edit > Add Custom Property"

    Path: /Root/VHost
    Name: startupStreamsDelayTime
    Type: Integer
    Value: 5000

    This provided enough time for the streams to start up, before the push publish feature attempted to start up the streams.

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