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Thread: [mpeg-dash] some adaptive streaming always stop during playing.

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    Default [mpeg-dash] some adaptive streaming always stop during playing.

    Hi, I posted some questions on this forum but still I've not received any clear answer yet.

    My Question is why the following mpeg-dash adaptive streaming always stops during playing.

    The smil file has 2 source videos(high bit-rate and low bit-rate).
    But each bit-rate source video streamings(mpeg-dash) are all fine.

    And even with bad.smil I could play streaming well on the Adobe HDS player.

    Is there anybody can give me some clear answer?

    Following is my yesterday question.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hello Larry,

    This issue is being handled in this ticket: #121813.


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    How can we find ticket/post #121813 ?

    Best regards


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    Regarding that issue it was found to be a problem with the source not being keyframe aligned. If you're experiencing similar problems then you can troubleshoot this via the steps outlined here.



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