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Thread: Multiple RTSP on one server

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    Default Multiple RTSP on one server

    Hello Community,

    I need an advice regarding the use of multiple RTSP on the same server (AWS) in the following 2 scenarios.

    Is there anything that will prevent us to accomplish that ? Will the server or the network handle it?

    Scenario 1:

    Multiple (6-7) source streams (published trough RTMP), each one played-back trough RTSP, so we'll have 6-7 simultaneous RTSP playbacks on the same server.

    Scenario 2:

    One source stream (published trough RTMP). The playback is made to 6-7 destinations trough RTSP, so we'll have 6-7 simultaneous RTSP playbacks, too .

    Thank you for your support, very appreciate it.

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    I don;t see any issues with the two scenarios you have mentioned. A single Wowza server, using a commercial Wowza license, is capable of ingesting multiple incoming streams and also delivering the ingested stream to multiple. We have Wowza users delivering hundreds/thousands output streams using one Wowza server instance. The main bottlenec to consider is the network output bandwidth available for your server. You can use the following formula to calculate the necessary bandwidth in order to deliver a certain type of stream to multiple playback client: stream bitrate * number of clients + 20% IP overhead = Total bandwidth needed

    When using a Trial Wowza license, you are limited to 3 incoming streams and 10 client connections.


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    Thank you very much Zoran.

    I was unsure because the output streams are RTSP and didn't know if there is a protocol limitation regarding the concurent connections.

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