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Thread: how to add ID3 tag into a VOD stream at a specific time?

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    Default how to add ID3 tag into a VOD stream at a specific time?

    Hi there,

    I have a .ts segment. I wanna insert ID3 tags into it at a specific time ( say after 3 seconds from the video segment starts). I just read this article
    It seems that I can use stream.senddirect() to insert an AMF onTextData to the stream and then use the ModuleCupertinoVODOnTextToID3 module to convert the inserted onTextData events to ID3 tags.

    My question is: This article only describes how to insert ID3 tags during streaming. Can I insert ID3 tags to the .ts segment? ( ideally the wowza should create a new .ts file with an ID3 tag inserted at 3s ). Is this possible?


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    It is possible to insert the ID3 tags to the .ts segment, but this is not currently supported in Wowza. You would need to write a custom module for this.


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