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    Default Connection count

    Hello, i want to count my viewers so i use sawmill analyser.
    I want to ask if Unique client IDs is different for every connection or for every pc.
    It is possible that you have several client connections coming from the same IP because they might be in the same network, behind an internet router. This way, all those clients have different client IDs, but are connecting from the same IP.
    So if a load the player many times from the same pc i will have different client ID or the same?
    And what is the different between events and streams ?

    For example

    Play duration 3d 05:46:46
    Total server-to-client stream bytes 32,989,008,268
    Total client-to-server stream bytes 1,731,095,621
    Events 699
    Unique client IDs 145
    Streams 183
    Unique client IPs 64
    Concurrent Streams 1

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    From a Wowza perspective, a client ID is a unique ID assigned by Wowza for a connection. So it should not be equivalent to an IP address if more than one client connects from the same source IP address.

    Wowza logs many events. Typical examples are publish, play, stop, app-start, app-stop etc. You can find out how all of these log values are defined within the Wowza Streaming Engine Users Guide. Search for log4j within the document for the complete list of fields that are logged by Wowza.

    Sawmill may interpret these log entries differently so for a definitive answer to what you are analysing from a Sawmill perspective it may be best to also ask them how they collate these values. I suspect they should match though.


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    I'm currently in the process of upgrading my servers to Wowza streming Engine sofware. I currently have an Origin Server (listener) and two Edge Servers used for balancing. Can i used the same files i backed up from the wowza media servers and used them on the newer software, if so how can i do this?


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    Hello, Carlos. When upgrading to Wowza Streaming Engine (Wowza 4.x) from Wowza Media Server (Wowza 3.x) you should not incorporate the Application and config files into the new install, but instead reference them while editing the updated files.

    I hope this is clear and answers your question.

    Kind regards,


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