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Thread: Is there a way to do IP camera streaming WITHOUT using the engine manager?

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    Default Is there a way to do IP camera streaming WITHOUT using the engine manager?

    I need to set-up IP camera streaming. However, I am unable to get the ENgine Mangager to work. In the article below, it gives 2 methods. But they both require the Engine manager. Is there a third option that does not require the manager?

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    Hi kleelof,

    Can you tell us what kind of issues you've run into with Engine Manager?

    You can try to install the example applications, and edit the configuration files manually. To install the example applications, navigate to [install-dir]/examples and run the install script for LiveVideoStreaming. You can read about configuring the XML file manually in the same article you listed above, under the section XML Configuration.

    We do recommend trying it out with the Streaming Engine first before manually editing the configuration files. The best method is to test the IP camera stream that you are sending to Wowza on a different application (such as VLC) first so that you can validate it. And then test the stream using the manager's Test Players. And then test the output stream from Wowza using another application, such as JWPlayer or the Wowza hosted web players.


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    Hi kleelof,
    Michelle is correct in saying you should try using Wowza Streaming Engine Manager and resolve the problems you're currently having.

    That being said if you're wanting the streams to start automatically when Wowza starts so that you don't need to start them manually (with the manager or otherwise) you can refer to the How to start streams at server startup article which shows how to start streams when Wowza starts and can be done using the Manager or editing the [Wowza-Install]/conf/StartupStreams.xml file with a text editor.

    If you wish to start them manually (not using StartupStreams) you can use the Stream Manager for Wowza 3.


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