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    I have an Oracle VM running OEL 6.6 with 8 Vcpu's and 16gb of RAM that is not
    streaming 1080i smoothly.

    The video gets jumpy or jerky and I have noticed that JAVA (latest Version 8), is the biggest user of the system.

    Has anyone used Wowza on an Oracle VM successfully before.?

    Thank you,

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    Hi Tony,
    Many of our customers are successfully using Wowza on a virtual machine and this should not cause an issue based on the information provided.

    Do you see anything which would indicate a problem in the Wowza logs?
    Is the stream you're trying to play live or video on demand?
    If you're stream is live, what encoder/source are you using?

    Did you test with the players in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager?
    If now, what player are you using to view the stream?


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    I am doing essentially doing the same thing

    I have a windows server 2012 VM with virtual 3.0Ghz quad cpu with 16GB of memory
    the Engine and manager version are 4.1.2.(Build 13947)
    java version : 1.8.0_45 64 bit

    I have a new macPro running wirecast (latest version) streaming to the VM

    The issue im having is that im receiving drops during stream and in Wirecast it occasionally shows connectivity errors.

    This in general is had to replicate; do you have any insight to maybe preferred performance tuning or versions of software i should try using?


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    Hi Tony,

    I confirm: I've just installed the latest version of the streaming live engine with an Oracle JVM OEL 6.6 with 4 cpus and 8gb RAM and I had no issue. I've no issue when watching the videos.

    Is there an update for your Java 8 JVM?

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