Hello all,

I've read through a bunch of these threads, and I have tried every fix within them. I am unable to push to UStream. Here is the entry from my PushPublishMap.txt:

EnsembleTest.stream={profile:"rtmp”, host: "rtmp://1.2025XXXX.fme.ustream.tv", application:”ustreamVideo”, appInstance: 2025XXXX, streamName:"PffmPCJtBbxb42Wua68nxRm2wFAZWXXX", originalTimecodeThreshold:0x100000} (With obvious edits)

I am not able to push this up. I can play the stream just fine in a test player, and my Bytes in keeps counting, but my Bytes out stays at 0. I downloaded the plugin, and put it into /lib, I have added the module to my application. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?