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Thread: How to change Time zone in Wowza

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    Default How to change Time zone in Wowza

    Wowza streaming engine by default set hosted machine timezone. like if machine time zone is PST then wowza set its time zone in PST on start.
    is wowza timezone is system dependent ?
    then how we can change timezone like.

    System : PST
    Wowza : GMT

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    Yes the Wowza server time is set to be the same as the system clock.
    This can be changed by editing the [Wowza-Install]/conf/Tune.xml file and adding the following line in the VMOptions container.
    A restart of Wowza is required for the changes to take effect.
    Note: you will likely see warning messages about the server statistics and may have to delete the [Wowza-Install]/stats/ directory so they are created fresh.


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