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Thread: Wowza on Intel C2750 (Avoton)

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    Default Wowza on Intel C2750 (Avoton)

    Dear Wowza,

    I plan to switch my current server to a Linux one based on the Intel C2750 CPU (8 cores @ 2.4 GHz) + 8GB RAM and a 300mbps connection.

    I will only have one live stream (which leaves my streaming device at around 500kbps) and probably 50-100 viewers to it.

    Will that be ok?

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    We don't have any experience with this processor. In online benchmarks it looks to do quite well and comparable to an AWS m3.2xlarge.
    Our suggestion would be to load test this thoroughly (with a load test tool such as this) and know it's capabilities before considering it's use in streaming production.


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