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Thread: Webcamrecording record delay

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    Default Webcamrecording record delay

    This has been bothering me for ages, and I'm hoping it's a simple fix!

    I'm using the "webcamrecording" example and trying to get a 2 min timer lined up with the beginning of the recording.

    When the user hits the "record" button, the timer starts and the person begins speaking, but the recording is delaying for between 1-5 seconds. So the first part of the recording is cut off.

    I understand I can't really speed up the time to start recording, but is there anyway to line up the timer to start when the actual recording begins? I put in a 3 sec buffer, but sometimes the buffer is too short and sometimes it's too long. It's for a business application so needs to be fairly accurate.

    Is there a way to vary the buffer according to how long it takes for the actual recording starts? Or a way to signal the timer when the actual recording starts - or any other option??


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    Hi Jesse,
    The webcamrecording example is very basic and is provided to show you that it's possible with Wowza. For a more professional approach I recommend contacting a consultant to help write something which will be more accurate with regards to the publish time and recording start time. We have a list of independent consultants which is available on request via email ( Alternatively you can post in our Find a consultant forum for assistance.


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