Hello all,

Thanks to you per advance if you can help me.

I am working with a WOWZA 4.1.1 server on Linux.
The server is working on a EC2 Amazon L instance.

I am using my trial 180 days key.
Dvr and Transcoder addon are ok and registered.
Transcoder is configure to work with 3 renditions : source, 720p and 360p

Everything works fine... Streaming to the server (With RTMP) is OK
Transcoder is on.
I can load livestream with RTMP on multi-bitrate (source, 720, 360)

Question :

I want to allow users to load Livestream with a JWPLAYER and HLS multi-bitrate renditions.
I know how load the default HLS URL : http://IP.IP.IP.IP:1935/live/myStream/playlist.m3u8

But I am unable to find how I can load my multi-bitrate HLS M3U8 master ?

Where can I find the master M3U8 files (with all renditions) ?
How can I setup the list of renditions into the master HLS file ?

Thanks if you can help me !