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Thread: GoCoder Connection Issues

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    Default GoCoder Connection Issues

    We are currently working on a project for RacerConnect. Their RaceCast! service utilizes Wowza GoCoder to stream, and we're trying to create a relationship with this stream data and additional data we collect through the GoCoder android app and some server-side code.

    However, we've been having a problem on some of the Android phones:
    We open a stream, and the GoCoder says that the device is connected. The file is created and written to on the server. There is not any mention that the app has disconnected throughout the stream. After a short time we end recording the stream, and the stream file is completed on the server. However, the video file created only has video data for a few seconds, e.g. we stream for 2 minutes and the stream video file only has 6 seconds of video.

    We have two testing devices, and this bug happens every time on one of them, and never happens on the other. The two share the same account so it is not a problem with the account.

    The device with this issue is:
    Samsung Galaxy S5 running on Verizon 4G LTE
    GoCoder Settings are: 1280x720 resolution, Video only, 30 FPS, 2 second key frame interval

    Any help is appreciated.
    -RC capstone team

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    Do you know if the actual live stream can be viewed without problems during the recording event?
    How are you recording in your Wowza Application? Do you record through the Wowza Manager UI, or do you have your application set to 'record all incoming streams'?

    We are aware that there are some compatibility issues with GoCoder and the hardware encoders on some of the Galaxy devices.


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    This is currently being handled in ticket #124429


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