We are currently running Wowza streaming engine v4.1.2 under a testing license. We are testing it for live relaying of Akamai RTMP streams.

We've set up a 'Stream File' to pull the Akamai RTMP stream URL (stream file called AKA.stream), then connected to this stream file using a liverepeater mediacaster type.

Everything starts to work happily and I can pull the stream into a test player via the wowa relay RTMP URL. All is good.

The issue we are struggling with is that, like clockwork, every 3 hours and 10(ish) minutes, the connection to the source Akamai RTMP stream URL resets, which causes players/applications connected to the wowza stream to disconnect. See below for example line from wowza error log (stream details masked with x):

LiveMediaStreamReceiver.doWatchdog: streamTimeout[live/_definst_/xxxxxxxx]: Resetting connection: rtmp://xxxxxxxx

I know that the source Akamai RTMP stream is stable and good because I have had the raw Akamai stream running directly in a test player for 7.5+ hours without a single rebuffer or disconnect.

Does anyone have any insight as to why the wowza server would be resetting the connection to the source stream consistently like clockwork every 3 hours and 10(ish) minutes?

Many thanks,