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Thread: Building a new Wowza server: recommendations?

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    Default Building a new Wowza server: recommendations?

    We previously had a Wowza server running on Windows Server 2003. That machine crashed and we're in the process of rebuilding a new server. I want to do this under Linux, preferably Debian.

    Can anyone give me recommendations on the best way to set this up and what options, packages, OS version I should use?

    The server I'm going to run for this is a HP DL360g5 with dual XEONs and a RAID5 array of 146gb SAS 10k drives.

    Does this sound reasonable? Any issues or advice or recommendations?

    Thanks for your help!!

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    Hi trent3,

    Your server requirements would depend a lot on your workflow.

    1. If you would be using MediaCache, then SSD is highly recommended.
    2. If you would be transcoding streams, then a hefty CPU is another recommendation, possibly supplemented with hardware acceleration.
    3. Ideally, you should run Wowza Streaming Engine on a dedicated server (no other services running).
    4. Make sure that you install the latest Java package from Oracle.

    You can check the Tech Specs page for additional info. I would also recommend getting the Load Test tool.


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    The server is dedicated to Wowza.

    This same hardware was running Windows Server 2003 with Wowza and was doing fine. I figure if I switch over to Debian Linux, I can get even more performance, not that I noticed any problems before.

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    What's the best way to install the latest java packages?

    Can I do:

    apt-get install default-jre
    apt-get install default-jdk


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    please see the article below for installation details.
    How to install and configure Wowza Streaming Engine


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