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Thread: Hi,,, I purchase Wowza URGENT

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    Default Hi,,, I purchase Wowza URGENT

    1. I will like to speak with sales ,We are a Telco IPTv company we have been leave few massage from fallowing days never get call back.

    2. We did install Wowza surcerfully + we add buy the license .
    A . After add few test mutlicast on same network does work then after 24 hours Sound is not longer there.

    b. we have over 200 multicast already transcode we try to convert to HLS but only few of the work.

    c. we have Multicast Adress in wich they are located in transcode HW, the input is as fallow udp://@ ---> Out Put udp://@publickIPort Wowza cant read udp://@unicast ip

    d. How to push over m3u8 to output m3u8?

    Sales Contact me..

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    Hello there.

    You can contact sales by sending an email to

    To address your particular problems you might consider opening a ticket with the support team by emailing



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