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Thread: How to play transcoder in rtmp?

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    Default How to play transcoder in rtmp?

    Hello, I tried to transcoding my stream and its seems succeed because I can see all the streams at incoming stream -->
    and I can play each of them -->

    But I was tried to play here but failed -->
    this is what I put there at JWPlayer:

    Im not found the format link for RTMP, please help.

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    To play SMIL files that consist of RTMP streams in JW Player you may need to use their Dynamic RTMP Streaming method. We do provide this article explaining how it is set up. If you wish to test a single RTMP stream on JW Player's site then the usual format is something like

    vod: rtmp://[wowza-server]:1935/vod/mp4:sample.mp4
    live: rtmp://[wowza-server]:1935/live/myStream


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