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Thread: Live streaming for 300k+ concurrent viewers using CloudFront

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    Default Live streaming for 300k+ concurrent viewers using CloudFront

    Hi all,
    We intend using Wowza with Live HTTP origin and CloudFront with max expected concurrency of approx 300k viewers. This would be adaptive HLS with 4 cascades max being 720p stream @ 2500kbps.

    Will a m2.4xlarge instance with transcoding and live HTTP origin via CloudFront be able to handle the same? Has anyone implemented such a large streaming with this amount of concurrent viewers in the past using Wowza & CloudFront?

    Would appreciate any inputs/recommendation on the same.

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    We are noting that you also opened a support request for this issue. This is being handled in ticket #124675.


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    VirtualStudio, when you find out, please share the configuration recommended by Wowa support.
    I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to know the answer.

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