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Thread: Wowza 4.1.2 nDVR + HTTP API

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    Default Wowza 4.1.2 nDVR + HTTP API


    We provide considerably big IPTV service in our country. We would like to control the nDVR recording of our live channels through the HTTP provider API by sending start/stop recording commands from our middleware. Problem is, even though it's working when I restart the server and start everything fresh, the API stops working and ignores the http request that was sent from the server after about a day and we can't start the recording with it unless we restart WowzaStreamingEngine through CLI. After a restart the problem is gone and everything goes fine for about a day again. Currently there are 48 live streams coming through the Wowza server and live streams are working with no trouble. We have 12 core 2x xeon cpu with 64GB ram and 7TB of storage running 64b CentOS 7 freshly installed OS. What could be the problem that is causing this?

    Thank you

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    I would recommend opening a ticket with Wowza support, by sending an email to
    Be sure to include the URL of this thread and attach, or link to, a zip containing [install-dir]/conf, [install-dir]/logs,
    [install-dir]/transcoder and [install-dir]/manager/logs


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    This will now be handled in the ticket created (125402).


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