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Thread: Intermittent transcoder group problem

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    Default Intermittent transcoder group problem

    I am have a licensed wowza 4.1.2 with transcoder groups for _mobile and _all .
    I have RTMP livestreams named with hashes coming in, e.g f44f03e72224749eed3682ee4e90be5c
    Usually the transcoder groups works fine, but intermittently I get empty "playlist.m3u8" for the groups, and the wowza management gui shows ungrouped streams.
    When this failure happens it works perfectly fine to view the ungrouped streams (e.g _360 , _240 e.t.c).

    I have noticed that this happens quite frequently when the stream-names are re-used, I believe it also might happen after the stream has been running for a long time.
    Any ideas how to move on to solve this problem ?

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    Hello there.

    For the quickest, most efficient troubleshooting I would suggest opening a ticket with support.

    To do so please zip the following folders and send them to Please also include a link to this thread as reference:

    Kind regards,


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    This will now be handled in the created ticket (125578).


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