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Thread: General technical question about live streaming

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    Talking General technical question about live streaming

    I am very new to this, and I am just looking to be pointed in the right direction, or
    be told that this is not possible at all. Any help is very much appreciated.

    I want to create a desktop program that does the following:

    1. Recording of my streaming software that is broadcasting esports (basicically recording of my screen).

    2. Stream it to a few people (5-7 people)

    3. Make it so that the people watching can:

    3a. Skip/scroll around in the stream/video clip while it is stile being recorded.

    3b. Only playback particular parts of the clip according to an external running data
    feed(that I already have) by clicking a button in the player. For example,
    the feed let's me know every time a certain event happens in the game, like
    one team winning a point.
    The user should be able to watch all the times a team won a point, by clicking
    the button in my app/player for showing video of all the times a point was won.
    The player skips to the first event where a team wins a point, by starting
    the clip x seconds before the time stamp of the event, and ending it x seconds
    after. As soon as it finishes it skips to the next event where a team wins a
    point, doing the same thing as before, starting the interval x seconds before
    and ending x seconds after, and then skipping to the 3rd 4th ect. event
    repeating the previous procedures.

    Is any part of this possible? I am of course particularly thinking of 3b which is expect
    to be the far most complicated part to execute :-)


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    Hi Kasper,

    1. & 2. Recording your video stream and re-distribution to 5-7 people should be possible using Wowza Streaming Engine. You will want to make sure that you have permission to re-distribute the video content. What is the source stream format?

    3a. Wowza Streaming Engine includes the nDVR function, which adds recording and playback pause/skip functions to live or recorded streams.

    3b. Building a custom player that uses data in from an external data feed to create time points in your video for skipping, should be possible. Wowza uses the REST API for customization.

    Best regards,

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