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Thread: http loadbalancing

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    I have not time for this, but today I have returned and here are my news.

    The redircrtion works prefectly with apple hls stream but no luck with adobe hds and flowplayer.
    For me it means that servers are congifured correctly, but there is problem with flowplayer.

    Do you have any advice what to do with flowplayer, I have licensed flowplayer so it would be great to use this player.


    flowplayer returns this error

    [ERROR] time 10:41:50.948 :: org.flowplayer.f4m::F4mProvider : 0 null
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    Any ideas ?

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    Can you should the format of the URL you were using for HDS loadbalanced playback?

    Also if you type your full URL for HDS loadbalanced playback into a browser address bar, the redirect should be returned. What is returned for you in this case?


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    this is my redirect url is load blancer ip

    and in browser I get nothing

    This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

    and the page is empty.

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