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Thread: Error logs filling up infinitely with errors

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    Default Error logs filling up infinitely with errors

    Yesterday, we started seeing this error message fill up the error log to the point that the error log is now almost 2 gb. Stale file handle

    We cannot find the source of the issue. We do have implemented a Stream Switcher module that plays VOD from the server from a mapped NAS share, which is still mounted. Could this be a factor? What could cause this and most importantly, how can we stop it?

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    Have you tried remounting the shared directory? This error can occur if the directory is modified on the NFS server, but the directories modification time is not updated on the client machine.

    # umount -f /mnt/local
    # mount -t nfs nfsserver:/path/to/share /mnt/local

    Please use caution, as it is likely to affect your Wowza Streaming Engines' ability to serve VOD files while the NFS drive is remounted. Depending on your requirements, doing this procedure during a maintenance window may be a good idea.

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